Where to get inspiration- Daily drawing – Week 7

Here are the drawings of the seventh week of daily sketching:

Digital painting done on the plane, no elbow room! LOL

Last week, before the corona virus took over our lives, I had a reunion with my fellow artists of the Lakeshore Association of Artists. I was really excited to be able to go out at night after more than two months of fighting a bacterial infection and lacking energy. I’m finally back on track! We also got to see a demo from fantastic artist Amneris Fernandez !

I knew everyone in the room and was surprised to find out a lot of them were following my daily sketching via Instagram or Fb and were eagerly waiting each day to see what I would paint next.


So my friend asked me how I found my ideas, what triggered the images and if I really took 30 minutes for each.


Good questions! I must say that I have a book that prompts me every day with an idea but must also mention that I don’t like all of the prompts. Prompts are great to get you out of your comfort zone and motivate you to paint when you are out of ideas or you are open to try something new. But right now, with my limited time, I prefer to paint what I want to paint. Today I will do some orchids. Why? Late last night I saw some orchids on television as part of a decor and it made me think about the ones I used to have in my studio. I have pictures of them. So orchids it will be today.


I was still in Mexico by the end of the seventh week and when I got back to the snow and cold, images of bright colors and beautiful flowers continued to inspire me.

As for the 30 minutes, when I post on IG, if the timing is not mentioned, I took longer but if it is written “30 minutes”, then that is what it took or a little less.


I have decided to show the images separately instead of in a slide show. I am not sure which I prefer. It is kind of nice to see the photos without having to click for the next one. Let me know which you prefer.


Like the previous weeks, keep in mind that these are quite small. I hope you enjoy them!


Thank you for reading!



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