watercolour exercise……IRIS

I don’t do watercolour but I plan on trying one of these days and I thought this post was great!

My Life as an Artist (2)

This watercolour exercise is all about letting go and loosening up.    There are no mistakes.      Whatever the paint does….let it happen, and most importantly allow yourself to PLAY PLAY PLAY…….20-11-15-1-725

All the white areas are DRY WHITE PAPER……(In some areas I have added some permanent white gouache where the watercolour and gouache bleed).

I am allowing the paint to bleed and do its own thing where it touches a wet area……

20-11-15-1-726The strong dark I have added in this next frame is a mix of BURNT SIENNA AND PRUSSIAN BLUE – I don’t use black.20-11-15-1-728In this frame I have scraped out some of the dark with a knife to add energy.   All white areas continue to be DRY WHITE PAPER.20-11-15-1-730Note that I am moving colours around the image to produce a sense of rhythm.27164538_10156023231000396_5682597220846199362_oThe most important thing is to have FUN…..and to PLAY…

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