Know when to surrender

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I have this book “A year of positive thinking” by Cyndie Spiegel. Like the title implies, it presents one positive thought for each day of the year and I really enjoy starting my morning with it.


Being in the middle of packing for a fast approaching move while workers are busy completing the work on our new house, today’s thought really talked to me: “YOU WILL GET IT DONE WHEN YOU NEED TO


The message is simple but one we often forget when pressure is mounting and we feel loss of control over our time and our environment, especially if we are dependant on other people, their health and the weather to get things moving.


Her advice is: “In those moments when you simply cannot move forward, don’t try to. Surrender what you feel like you should do. Temporarily let it go”. Well not easy to do for sure but definitely worth the try.


Often, we are in this pattern when we feel something must get done that day or else. Palpitating heart, stomach churning, we lose tract of our surroundings. Our scattered mind worries while trying to plot the next step. Have you noticed that during that time, practically nothing gets accomplished?


When we lose control of our mind and let circumstances dictate how we feel, it is good to reach for a reminder that the world will not come crashing down just because something doesn’t get done on our agenda. Tomorrow is another day and will be filled with new possibilities.


We need to be in the right mind-set to get things accomplished and forcing ourselves to do anything when it is not the right time (even if we think it is) will only worsen the situation.


Surrender. Let it go. Take a walk.


When you are ready, come back with a clearer understanding and a more positive perspective, the task will still be there and will seem easier, simplified.


Good luck on your journey!




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