Nourishment, a happiness creator, Zagreb, Croatia

Nourriture créatrice de bonheur
Nourishment a happiness creator
Oil on canvas, 40 X 20 in / 101.6 X 50.8 cm

Every morning when he wakes

Joseph thinks of them

Soft feathers caressing is hands

Small cool feet gripping his fingers


Wings fluttering near his face

Influx of warm air as greetings

The connection has long been established

At the square they meet again


Every day without fail

He arrives for the ritual

Opening his soft pouch

Filled with golden love and promises


While he stands at the center

They appear from hidden nooks all around

Hopeful eyes meet

Happy to communicate and share


As they feed and the chirping swells

This precious moment stretches

Delight fills his heart

Everything else forgotten


This sustenance

His soul gratefully receives

When the pouch is empty

Filled with wonder he is


Nourishment is of two kinds

One for the body

One for the soul

Animal and man nourish each other


This daily moment of contentment

Will carry them until tomorrow

When complicity and joy once again

Connect Joseph and his feathery friends



** This painting will be on exhibit at the Musée Pierre-Boucher in Trois-Rivières, Qc from September 22nd to November 10th, 2019-

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Enviroart par Suzanne Bélair


    1. Thank you so much Graham! Haven’t got much time to paint since January, it has been a crazy summer and now moving soon to a new home with lots of renos! I saw this man in Croatia 2 years ago and found him very inspiring! I appreciate your comment :)-

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