Temporary joyful break

Photo credit: Suzanne Bélair


My writing/painting life has been put on hold for a few weeks now.


Temporarily, my life has been taken over by my grandchildren!


What a treat and privilege to share their days and delight at discovering all that surrounds them!


So much to see and do when you are three and a half and 11 months old. You can glimpse neurons working in their brain as they learn about the world and make their place. They are aware, interested, stimulated and stimulating!


Love, love, adore to watch them look at things and life the way they do, their openness and curiosity, the way the older one reflects and finds solutions, the way the younger one already looks up to her big brother.


Emotions are high around them, fulfilling their needs is no easy task, life speeds up, there is no more time to reflect, action being the default mode.


I already forgot how my days were spent prior to them moving in with us last Saturday. Now the days are filled with food preparation, feeding, stories, songs, laughing, changing diapers, playing, consoling, teaching, scolding, observing, enjoying their warmth and hugs.


Brings me back to a time when my children were young, a beautiful time when each minute counts for something extraordinary, building, influencing, protecting, and bringing security and love to a child’s life. Is there a more wonderful way to spend your days?


If my neck, back, arms and legs are all protesting and in survival mode, my heart is joyous and happy!


Photo credit: Brian Kinney

The little ones are bringing so much into my life. I feel like I am swimming in this wonderful colourful underwater garden filled with love, giggles, smiles and tears. I know I’ll soon come up for air but not so sure I want to. They will be moving out tomorrow and I already miss them.


I absolutely adore them and feel very blessed to be able to watch them grow.






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