If not now, When ?

Perhaps one day you will wake up and decide that “Now is the time”. Ask yourself the question: What will it finally be the time for? There are so many projects and things we want to do and that we project in the future.

I’ll finally write this book, I’ll get the discipline to paint every day. I’ll book that trip or I’ll save my money and buy this house I would love. Our heads are filled with ideas and projects we want to accomplish but what we need is to take action… NOW.

Now is the only time we control. I know it sounds cliche but the past is gone and the future might not happen as planned or even happen at all. So why do we keep on putting off what we want to accomplish and actions that would be fulfilling.

We need to have a plan of action and ACT.

Today, I am making a list of what I have been waiting to do, put on the shelf, am procrastinating about.

I will write down the question “Since Now is the ONLY time, What is it finally time for?” and then make my list of what I have been postponing, thinking about, dreaming of doing, of becoming.

We need daily reminders that time is finite, that Now is the time.

We all have the same amount of time, so why is it that some people can accomplish so much while others seem to waste their time away?

I feel renewed urgency to act towards my goals but it is difficult to have a good idea of our goals if we don’t write them down.

Ideas come into our minds bringing excitement and hope but we often lack focus and the will to push through. We don’t write it down and it just gets out of our head. Like a wisp of smoke it disappears in our everyday life, distracted as we are with the surrounding buzz, children, friends, parents, work, tv, our telephones and tablets.

I used to do this exercise once a year. It brings much needed focus to your life.

So ask yourself the question: If not now, when? And start your list. When you finish, pick one item and take one step towards it (or more if you are so inclined). This will create momentum that will carry you forward



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  1. Thank You for this inspiring reminder Suzanne 🙄 I shall try to compose that list & check something off it!
    Enjoy that feeling of accomplishment!!!!

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