Happy Easter / Happy Passover

Today, I would like to remind everyone to do what you love with the life you’ve got and that you can!

Make the choice and the commitment to yourself to do what you love, without excuses, without delay.

If you want to paint, do it. If you want to write, write. If you enjoy reading, sitting in the sun, meditating, exercising, spending time in nature, then read the book, sit, meditate, walk in nature, all without guilt or second thoughts.

Schedule it if you must, set aside the time whenever you can. Don’t allow your lifetime to go by without you committing to doing the things you truly enjoy.

In this time of renewal, realize that all those small moments add up and become the life you live. Make it the best you can!

You are more capable than you know and can turn your life around if you want, one moment at a time.

Today a very special day! Happy Easter and Happy Passover, it is rare both holidays fall on the same week-end! Enjoy !



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