Painting of the week- LE DÉGEL / THE THAW

Well that’s it, I have been back in the studio for a week!


Last week, I finished my canvas “The Thaw” that had been hanging around, unfinished, for almost a year.


Le dégel / The Thaw
Acrylique sur toile 30 X 30 in (76 X 76 cm)
©2019Suzanne Bélair


Here it is after all its transformations. From the forest of deciduous trees to a band of conifers, clouds hide birds announcing the coming of summer.


This is the last in my series of contemporary forests. For us in Nordic countries, the spring thaw is an anticipated and much appreciated time of the year, since it means the return of milder weather. Spring is finally here!


I remember playing on the side of the street when the snow would start melting. My mother dressed us up warmly and we would go outside with her. As she shovelled the snow from the front yard and threw it on the sunny street in thin shovelfuls, so that the cars would crush and melt it even faster, she encouraged us to follow the rivulets that escaped from beneath the white piles and were dripping from the sidewalk.


Armed with sticks and spoons, we scraped the snow and the ice accumulated underneath to make way for the water towards the street’s canal mouth.


Rubber boots in the water, we spent hours playing in the water like this, a spring ritual my sister and I were looking forward to as soon as the sun was warming up. The gurgling water under the ice fascinated us, as did the smell of the melt.


In the forest, brooks start to run more and more loudly when spring arrives. They hurtle down mountains and make their way, eroding the ice still clinging to the banks and sometimes to the surface, until they reach the tributaries and arrive at the lakes. There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of water in the spring, magical sound that expresses so much. Signal for birds, small mammals and insects that it is finally time to be a little more active, that it is high time to let life resume its course.


I love spring and the thaw and cannot wait for it to arrive here!





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  1. Another inspiring accomplishment Suzanne- congratulations! You bring back many great memories of discovering spring & the wonders of nature to celebrate anew.
    Thanks for sharing your work and words.

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