Travelling through Vietnam – Hanoi and Halong Bay

I just came back from Vietnam after a great 24 day stay completely immersed in the culture and history of this wonderful country!

Hanoi, Vietnam
Photo ©Suzanne Bélair


For this post, I thought of sharing one photo that would summarize each place we visited, but finally, it is impossible for me to choose only one so I will share some photos and impressions through several posts. Needless to say I had no time to paint or sketch whatsoever during this hectic time.


Our trip took us across the country from North to South and each place had its own special flavor.


We started with Hanoi, which is the oldest and one of the most beautiful capitals of Southeast Asia. Our hotel was in the heart of the 600-year-old historic Old Town, on Hang Dao Street and close to Hoan Kiem Lake, where people gather at any time of the day to practice Tai Chi. What impressed me most about this city is the street food from 7am in the morning until 8pm, the constant activity, the absolutely chaotic traffic , the scooters that go in all directions, the hundreds of electrical wires connected any which way, the colors and odors typical, strong, haunting. Must see: the Ho Chi Minh Museum, the Old City, the Temple of Literature and the many pagodas.

Bouffe de rue sur Hang Dao Duong
Street food on Hang Dao Duong
photo ©Suzanne Békair


Photo ©Suzanne Bélair


Les Temples
Offrandes / Offerings
Photo ©Suzanne Bélair


La circulation à Hanoi
Traffic in Hanoi
Photo ©Suzanne Bélair


Next was cruising in Halong Bay, a Unesco heritage site, spectacular with its more than 2000 peaks or outcrops of limestone and dolomite that rise above the sea. Halong Bay is 1500 square kilometers and well worth seeing.


Baie d’Halong, Vietnam
Halong Bay, Vietnam
Photo ©Suzanne Bélair

To be continued…


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    1. Thank you Elaine you are very kind. I will be posting more on the trip in the days to come. It was fascinating, cultural and historical. I absolutely loved Vietnam 😊

  1. Welcome home Suzanne & Dan 😄thanks so much for sharing your photos and experience – what a fascinating journey!!!

  2. I am also posting about my experience in Hanoi and Ha Long. Your trip looks beautiful! Mine was brief so I look forward to returning and maybe seeing more. I can greatly relate to that traffic picture though!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Yes the traffic in Hanoi!! I’ll go check out your blog. Vietnam is a beautiful country and I also plan to go back to see more especially the nature side of it which we didn’t have time to see. Best to you!

    1. It is not at all. We had a great time and felt very safe. Like any big town, you just have to be careful when it is very crowded. Enjoy your trip, we absolutely loved Hanoi and I will be adding details on this wonderful city soon.

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