Dry January journey

So I am on the Dry January journey. For those of you that have not heard of it, it is a movement initiated by Alcohol Change UK and (Emily Robinson) in 2012, that motivates you to take one month (January ) off drinking. I started late, on the 8th only and am reading the comments on the online community from people that have started in the 1st and how excited they are with the changes observed in their mind and body so far. Personally, I have not noticed much change yet except on a mental level, I started to really like myself and I feel sharper, my anxiety has diminished also. Surprisingly, I find myself being calmer than when I was drinking to relax. I think I had gotten to the point where the wine did not relax me so much anymore and was disturbing me more than anything?

You can download an app for Apple or Android that calculates how much money and calories you save. The money aspect is only in pounds unfortunately and you have to convert to dollars but the app is really fun to use.

I am reading “This naked mind” by Annie Grace, recommended by many people on the Dry January online community. The book presents the latest psychological and neurological research into alcohol drinking and also talks about cultural, social and industry factors (read marketing) that support alcohol dependence in all of us. It gives a completely different perspective on alcohol drinking, makes you see how we are all manipulated from a young age to believe drinking is a vehicle for fun, self assurance, success, sex and even love. In other words, “if you drink you’re fun and outgoing and your life will be wonderful, if you don’t, you’ll be alone forever”. Think of the advertising you see for beer, baileys or rum. It is powerful imagery that talks directly to the unconscious part of the brain and even if we consciously know nothing can guarantee happiness, we still unconsciously believe alcohol can.

This is a good read for anyone wanting to further understand their own relationship with alcohol. Dry January has been an eye opener for me. I’m not sure yet if I’ll do it till the end of the month, after all, I am on vacation, but each day is a gain.

Here in Montreal there is another movement to stay dry for the month of February. If you want to register, you pay 28$ to Fondation Jean Lapointe and the money goes to fund awareness programs in schools, a worthy cause.

I am not ready yet to give up white wine forever and ever but this time being dry is quite interesting so far. 😀


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  1. Congratualtions Suzanne & thanks for sharing your journey. I am trying for a few consecutive ‘dry’ weekdays and am thrilled with how much more I get done in the evenings and the shift of focus is more compelling than I expected! Have a wonderful Holiday!

    1. Hi Debbie, juts saw your comment now, got back Sunday night and I was not keeping up with everything! Yes you are so right! It does make a huge difference and one I really like! More to talk about on this… Thanks for reading my blog xx

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