Life is full of good surprises!

At the lake January 2019 Photo ©Suzanne Bélair

My first post of 2019! Some would say “it’s about time!” Well, in fact January has been going by at record speed this year, I’m not sure why. I have not had time to paint except for a few watercolour sketches I don’t really want to publish and no time to write yet. Life outside of my creative bubble has been happening over several fronts.

The holiday celebrations were numerous and joyous, the New Year starting with excitement and anticipation. Surprisingly, I made a powerful vision board for 2019. Even if I did not have a lot of material to work with, it came together in a cohesive image and is sending a clear message. I did not take a photo of it yet but will share it in the next month or so. It speaks of power, mental and physical health and victories.

About my blog: I have been writing this blog for over 12 years now. What started as a way to send my environmental message out there morphed over the years into philosophy, life musings, a painting and writing blog. I love to write and discover where my imagination takes me. I have yet to publish my fiction writing and have postponed some of my posts for fear of not writing well enough for this brilliant community but realize that it is the sharing and the connection that are important.

I am truly blessed to have a wonderful family and good friends. In the past year, I received the incredible gift of a new spectacular granddaughter, a little sister for my little love, now 3, and was able to see my children grow another year. I have worked to successfully repair a particularly important friendship that had slipped away almost 7 years ago, I travelled to Croatia and Mexico, saw some beauties of the world, visited museums and met fantastic individuals. All this has enriched my life and fills me with wonder and gratefulness.

My Clivia Photo ©Suzanne Bélair

Today as I am sitting in a plane heading for Vietnam, the country of origin of my grandchildren’s father, I want to remind you that Life will surprise you in some magnificent ways. Let’s not forget this. And let’s be on the lookout for wonder, generosity and unexpected smiles. Let’s connect with life and be ready to graciously accept these blessings as they show up in our lives. Let’s be open to receive new ideas, let’s connect with other people, with the world,

Life is full of good surprises, let’s not forget it and be ready to receive all the goodness that is flowing towards us!

With love


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