The Square foot Exhibition 2018

Last week-end I had the pleasure to participate in the Square foot exhibition of 2018.

My artworks at the sale
“Complices” oil on canvas,
“Hanging out on the coast”
“Dancing trees and
“Feuillage en lumière”

The exhibition is organized by two fantastic ladies that are dedicated to the cause of homelessness in Montreal and are taking action to raise money and also bring beauty into the lives of customers of the Old Brewery Mission through their curating of artworks that hang at Galerie Carlos located in the dining hall of the Mission.


The director came towards the end and told us that, other than providing support and services, change in the lives of their clients goes through affordable housing. This is absolutely fundamental.


In 2017-2018, some modifications were put in place in the approach to end chronic homelessness in the area and partnerships were created between all the front-line organisms.


The Old Brewery Mission is open 24/7, 365 days a year and provide life-changing services to men and women from all walks of life that experience homelessness, including a safe place to stay and the support needed to reclaim their lives.


The fundraiser benefiting the Old Brewery Mission took place last Saturday 11 to 4 in the house of one of the benefactors. Twenty-five artists participated and a record amount of works of art was sold. It is the third year the event takes place. A soup lunch, a raffle for some artworks and donations of a percentage of the art sales contribute to raise the funds. All artworks are 12 X 12 inches and sold at the same price.

The table of baked goods to accompany the soup provided by the artists

The atmosphere in the three rooms was great from beginning to end. It was humbling to be part of a group of people coming together for one afternoon, putting their lives on hold so to speak to contribute to this great cause at the same time as they peruse and purchase works of art and connect with the artists.


I ended up selling three artworks and buying one from a colleague. A big Thank you to everyone that showed up and contributed to the event. It was a successful day all around.


To reach the Old Brewery Mission, go to:

For emergency services, 24/24, 7 days a week:

514 798-2244 if you are a man and

514 526-6446 if you are a woman.



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  1. What a wonderful event to participate in Suzanne! Your paintings are so beautiful it must be difficult to see them leave their nest yet gratifying to see the good that comes from it 😊

    1. Thank you so much Debbie and you’re right they are my babies but I am happy when someone falls in love with one and takes it home. It is particularly nice to meet the person who appreciates and buys it and will enjoy it for a long time. Xx

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