Working on a painting series – part 3


This is the third of a series of small contemporary forests I am working on.

Faisceau bienfaisant / Beneficial beam
©2017 Suzanne Bélair
Acrylic and Inks on canvas 10 X 10 in

The previous painting of the series can be viewed here.

Like the two previous ones, I took inspiration from a previous painting for this one but reworked the composition by turning it around. I find this one quite exciting and love the way the background turned out.


After working on realistic and hyper-realistic paintings for years, the new venture of painting more abstractly is turning out to be interesting to say the least. By limiting the pigments, I thought I had the elements to easily create this series into a more personal style.


What I found out was that is was not as easy as I thought, where I believed I was moving towards simplicity and abstraction, I found that each painting demanded more details and I could not get away from spending hours playing a little more with each of them. Where I thought it would be easy to develop different compositions, I found myself struggling to find ideas and relied more than anticipated on some of my previous work.


Where I thought of using different approaches for the backgrounds, I found I moved more and more towards one type of background I favoured.


Site web Suzanne Bélair

Enviroart par Suzanne Bélair



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