Working on a painting series – part 2

This is the second painting of the series of contemporary forests painted on 10 X 10 canvases.

Indomptable II / Indomitable 2
©2017 Suzanne Bélair
Acrylic and Inks on canvas 10 X 10 in

The previous painting of the series can be viewed here.


As a painter of realistic still lives and other subjects, I found the exercise of painting these contemporary forests very inspiring at first. What interested me most in doing these was to create something visually harmonious as well as exciting, pushing the boundaries of realism into abstract art.


While a series of paintings is often elaborated through different treatments of a same simple subject, I decided to vary the rendition of the subject while keeping basically the same treatment, i.e. same colors, same technique and same materials.


This, to me, added a certain level of difficulty since I was limiting how I could change or improve the paintings.


Next week I will post the third one of this series.


Site web Suzanne Bélair

Enviroart par Suzanne Bélair

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