Work in Progress

Travail en cours / Work in progress
©2017 Suzanne Bélair
Oil on canvas 30 X 40

Inspired by San Gimiano, Italy- view from one of the towers, started this new painting, still untitled – to be followed

After all these years of painting, I finally got myself a T-square. I must say this is the first time I ever used this instrument and it is the best thing ever to draw and paint a complex urban scenes like this one, full of buildings and eaves trough.

This painting is based on pictures I took from the towers surrounding San Giminiano in Italy when we visited a few years ago.

San Giminiano is a small medieval town in the province of Sienna,Tuscany. The town is walled and known as “the Town of Fine Towers”. The town is famous for its medieval architecture and the preservation of 13 tower houses that date back to the fourteenth century. These numbered 72 originally and were built by rich families to show their wealth and economic power.

It is a beautiful town, still very lively and interesting to visit. Like a previous one I painted a few years ago, I decided to ass colors to the grey buildings to create a dynamic art piece.


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