Fan the flame of hope and creativity

With the Holidays fast approaching, excitement is filling me. It’s not so much the activities but the idea of renewal that I find the most appealing in all this.

I love the idea of shedding of old ideas, of old ways of acting that no longer fit with who I want to be, like an old skin is shed from a snake or the exoskeleton from an insect. In that sense, January always brings hope and a sense of possibility for me.

I love the childish trust in what’s ahead, the trust that nothing can go wrong that comes with the New Year, the sense of wonder that fills me.

New year’s resolutions, lists of projects, new agenda, all that time, a full year, stretching in front of me full of promises and surprises.

How can we keep this feeling alive day in and day out the rest of the year, how to scale it down to a daily occurrence that renews itself every morning, that is the question.

Shedding of old ideas, influx of new ones. Wonderful!

As we are now into the second week of December, the Christmas tree now up and decorated, hope fills me once again. I feel a little internal flame wanting to grow. It is now flickering weakly but I feel it strong even of it does need a little fanning, a little belief.

This flame, the essence of who we are, the essence of our creativity, needs to be looked after and protected. We need to pause and really feel it.

Believe in it! You and I can fan our flame and we will. Today, let’s act as though absolutely everything is possible as everything actually is, let’s listen to our inner self and let it fill us with a sense of purpose.

Today let’s decide to be happy and to listen to all what’s going on around us with a new awareness instead of travelling through our own internal murk. Let’s be aware of all these flames inside of people we encounter today.

Fan the flame. Today, I’m shedding at least one thing or one idea to take action toward my own renewal. I think I’ll probably give away some watercolours I don’t use.

I would like to know what you will shed today to make room for your own renewal.


  1. Today,I have decided not to let negative thoughts occupy my internal space.As soon as a negative thought enters my mind, I will replace it with a positive one.This conscious shedding should help fan my flame and hopefully become contagious and help others fan their flame as well.

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