Endings speak of new beginnings

Beginnings and endings are evidence of life. I am thinking of my little dog that died almost 3 years ago already. How she came into my life and how she left it. Her warmth and presence was a constant reminder of unconditional love and spirit. Her independence too and joy when outside and her fun at playing, never ending, except when she got old and sick…

I am also thinking of our house. We had it built, imagined it, modified it, loved it, cared for it, raised our children in it, loved, laughed and cried in it, and now sold it. A new beginning for someone else, an end for us in that house, but a new beginning somewhere else.

Beginnings and endings of friendships and relationships, often the beginnings are so exciting, to find you share something important with another human being, the love and support of friendship are wonderful, the secrets, the understanding, the bond, sometimes for a season, sometimes for a lifetime, but always an end.

I am very afraid of endings. I am expecting endings each time I begin. I dread endings. Is it why I am so slow at painting, enjoying the process, dreading the moment I’ll say enough?

To realize beginnings and endings are a normal part of life makes me feel better about the end of certain relationships. It was only meant to be, not because something I did or didn’t do right or wrong. It is only life, the end of a cycle.

I like the idea that endings are evidence of life’s continuing journey. I like the idea that endings, just like beginnings, don’t have to be linked to guilt and/or loss. For it is not. Endings are not necessarily a loss. It clears some space for something else to begin, it clears some space for expansion, expansion of the self, expansion and freedom.

We dread endings so much that often, we keep relationships on life support for years before we pull the plug, torturing ourselves all this time about what to do, is it worth saving, is it worth spending more energy on this?

We have to realise our life is finite and when we chose to lose these precious days, hours and minutes on something that makes us suffer, wonder, question ourselves, it is time to welcome the end. For when a door closes, another one opens.

Beginnings and endings are a normal part of life. We come into this world and will leave it. Like all life, like all things, there is a beginning and an end. We have to welcome endings as well as beginnings as they are evidence what we are alive today and that our journey is continuing towards new beginnings, new adventures, and new creations.

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