Decision making

I read and kept on reading yesterday on decision making, What makes for a good decision, one that one will not regret? What makes a real decision, one we will commit to?  Two things really are important about decisions: long term vision and action. A real decision triggers an action that brings someone closer to the goal. For example: If you want to lose weight or stop smoking, a real decision means that you will not take that cupcake, that you will not have that one puff that would bring you back down the path you don’t want to go.  A commitment from body and soul is what makes a real decision.


I now have some decisions to make or I should say, I forgot my last decisions and am now going down a path I don’t want to be on. Adjustment: it is easy enough when we realize we deviate from our target. We can very well get back on track. What is sometimes difficult is to figure out what path to take to get to our goal when we are faced with two options. It is also difficult sometimes to ensure a decision is good or bad until you see the results.


And it is also important to remember is that it is OK to make mistakes and we must be open enough to learn from them in all humility. Mistakes are the way life has to teach us. We are not born with all the skills necessary to succeed in all spheres. It is often by making mistakes that you go forward. Not acting ensures you won’t make a mistake but isn’t it the greatest mistake after all? When you commit or promise yourself to look at long-term results rather than short-term gratification, you have made one of the most important decision of your life. Not making that decision will ensure that everyday ups and downs will get to you and you’ll feel you are forever dissatisfied with yourself and your life.


Make the decision to commit to yourself. Create a vision of yourself in your future that is not dependant on other people but that translates your own values and qualities and then think of ways to transform this into action.


Remember: Life’s delays are not Life’s denials. Sometimes, the path seems sinuous and long but, along the way, experiences add up that make you who you are and who you will become. If you believe in your dream, you must take action to carry yourself towards it even if it seems impossible in the short term. Nothing is impossible unless you decide it is impossible.


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